Jack Waldas


Born and raised in upstate New York, Jack grew up surrounded by horses, theatre and dance. There he attended a high school specialising in performing arts. After further studies at Ballet School New York, and Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance came the first engagements with dance companies including New York Theatre Ballet and Alita Hayes Dance Company. 

In 1993 he visited Europe and found work in the state theatres of Germany. Since then he has danced in many companies including those of Phillip Talard (Mannheim), Jochen Heckmann (Augsburg), Jochen Ulrich (Innsbruck and Linz). Most recently he worked in the projects of Dali Touiti and Peter McCoy in Munich.

During his long dance career Jack began to practice yoga as a warm up for the training and rehearsal of the day, as well as a necessary means of recovery for an exhausted, tightened and sometimes injured

body. It was this experience that laid the foundation for his fusion of „Yoga-Dance“. Throughout the years he attended many yoga workshops, returning to apply the new knowledge to his own mixture and daily practice.

After retiring from dancing in the state theatres, he pursued his calling to deepen his understanding of yoga and to begin teaching. In 2008 he completed the Yoga Teachers Training at AirYoga, Munich, receiving the opportunity to study, among others, with Christine May, Richard Hackenberg, Barbara Noh, and Doug Keller. Since then he has continued to attend further educational courses for „Prana Vinyasa Flow“ and „Anusara“, working with wonderful teachers such as Twee Meerigan, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, Ross Rayburn, Jordan Bloom.

As well as yoga Jack is also studying yoga therapy and „Spiraldynamik“. These healing arts are the basis for the body work that he offers. In this vein of therapeutic movement he has given dance and body awareness courses for seniors since 2007. These studies and interactions have led him to develop

a system of prevention, therapy and expansion of potential that is useful for all ages and stages of health.

Currently Jack is living and teaching in Munich. Between workshops and performances he tries to find time to create graphic projects such as a humorous book of yoga, a children’s book about the cycle of life and death and various illustrative endeavors. Otherwise you will most likely find him reading about the wonders of the human body and being, jumping into a lake with his lovely lady friend or trying to sit still in the audience of a dance performance.